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OCCUPATIONS are your profession or your job .

It´s what you do for a living .

He is a doctor                    He is a pilot                     He is a nurse                    She is a cook / chef

He is a waiter                         He is an artist             He is a carpenter             She is a waitress                                                                                                                                                                  
He is an astronaut                                      He is an athlete                                  He is a teacher
She is an actress                    He is an actor                 He is a firefighter                 He is a dentist
         They are dancers                                                                        They are police officers

 12.gif                      Singer animated gif          

He is a bricklayer                               He is a singer                                   She is a baseball  player                

##     Jobs - Talking Flashcards  Video

## Professions & Occupations

English Vocabulary   . A list of different Professions and an explanation of what each person does in that profession. 

 ##Vocabulary with pictures and pronunciation.


  ##   Exercises , games , videos ,  songs    about                                                                                                              JOBS .

free english exercises


# ## Practice the vocabulary about jobs and occupations. It has 4 different exercises.                                                                                                                                  


# # # What do you want to be when you grow up ?

# # #VIDEO  :    Steve is dreaming about different new jobs, but there                                    always seems to be a problem.

###Look for pictures of famous people and write               about them  :

 Profession    ...

Fernando Alonso  and  Michael Schumacher                              HOMEWORK
Penélope Cruz and Carlos Barden
Barack Obama and Dilma Rousseff                                                  18th  February
Adele  and Justin Bieber
Rafa Nadal and Serena Williams
PauGasol and Marc Gasol
JK  Rowling and Pepe Carreiro
One Direction

# # # Wonderwall (Occupations)
(Interactive Game)

wonderwall.jpg (velikost: 41.4 kB | rozměry: 334x251px)


Go to Menu - 3º ESO - Intermediate -    Professions

Activity 1: Matching exercise

Actividy 2: Guess the profession

PLAY , PLAY , PLAY  ... and  LEARN



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