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1-  Parts of The Body.
2Clothing  , Footwear and Accessories,
3- Food and Drinks.
4 - Vegetables .

 1 - Parts of The Body

Lim : The Body  by  Belén Junquera . Thanks for your work Belén .

 Practice : english vocabulary exercises   25 Exercises , videos , FlashCards ,                                                     Songs  ...

Body  Test  :   
  Tuesday 31st March   -   5th Grade       
  Wednesday 2nd April  -   6th Grade        

2 -    Clothing  , Footwear and Accessories

Clothes Exercises :

  Test :         Friday 25th April     - 6th Grade                    Tuesday  29th April - 5th Grade 

3- Food   and   Drinks


Learn  About  Fruit

                                                                           fruit and vege
Audio Book
food and drinks

The Big Numbers Song
Learn   Body  Parts                                                  

Lim : The Body   by  Belén Junquera . Thanks for your work Belén .

Interactive Books By Mrs Haquet :

Mrs Haquet is French , she teaches English in France . She likes creating games and activities  for her students . 
I hope you like them and find them useful . Try them and find out how well you are doing, you’ll get your score at the end of each book.


personality1.gif BE (+ Personality adjectives) personality2.gif


  This is another excellent book created by Mrs Haquet to revise vocabulary related to houses: types of accommodation, describe your house, describe your bedroom… Click and enjoy!

  police_car.gif There is / There are (+ Shops) phone_booth.gif

clock2.gif Present Simple (+ Daily Routine) clock4.gif

dancing.gifCAN (+ Talents) horse.gif

piano.gif Present Continuous  photographer.gif


icon1.gif Subject and Object Pronouns icon2.gif                                         

icon3.gif Possessive Adjectives icon4.gif

     cat.gif HAVE (GOT   

chemistry1.gif Comparative Forms (+ School subjects) 


dentist.gif Present Simple - Present Continuous (+ Jobs)  nurse.gif              

question1.gifAsking Questions (4 Tenses) question2.gif

Great  Job  Mrs  Haquet  !   Thanks .

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