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Go to this web page to know the regular and irregular verbs:

.50 of the most common irregular verbs pronunciation.

 Irregular verb list with interactive pronunciation.     



 Choose the right Past Simple form of the verbs. Then guess the fairy tale !

a) A little girl in a red cape  to the woods. She  to visit her Grandma,  who in a little cottage. She  a big, bad wolf! The wolf  the Grandma, but the Girl and a Hunter  the old lady. They all  happily ever after!

What is the name of the story?

b) A young girl  a stepmother and two stepsisters but no mother. She  the stepmother to go to the ball, but the woman  "No!".
A Fairy Godmother   mice into horses and a pumpkin into a carriage and  the girl a beautiful dress and shoes. The Prince  in love with the girl and not the stepsisters. The Girl  one beautiful shoe. It  the Prince to find her. They  married and they very happy!

What is the name of the story?

Jack and the beanstalk :

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