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  • In this Unit :                               
  • • name and talk about everyday             activities.
    • listen to and read a legend
       Robert the Bruce and the spider.
    • ask and answer questions about
       past events.
  • •  find out about Scottish and UK culture.
    •  act out telling a friend about something that happened, in a      role play.
    •  read about life in a medieval castle and write a project.

  • I help at home.

  • I walk to school.

  • I visit my grandparents.

  • I watch TV.

  • I look after my pet.

  • I talk to my friends.

  • I use a computer.

  • I listen to music.

  • I work hard at school.

  • I share things with
    my friends.
Listen and Complete the sentences.
1 Edward I wanted 
 to be part of 
2 He defeated Robert the Bruce 
3 Robert the Bruce escaped to the 
4 He noticed a 
 on the wall.
5 The spider failed to make its web 
6 It inspired Robert the Bruce to form an 
  Edward II.
Listen and read. 
 Ask a friend.

Listen and select the correct answer.
1 What’s the capital of Scotland? .
2 What’s the official language of Scotland? .
3 What’s the name of a famous Scottish biscuit? .
4 Who was Robert Burns? .
5 How many islands are part of Scotland? .
6 What’s the famous Scottish food ‘haggis’ made from? .

Do a role play.
  • Rosa:
  • Guess what happened to me yesterday?
  • Ollie:
  • What? Go on, tell me!
  • Rosa:
  • Well, I was at the bus stop after school with
    my rucksack and books, and our neighbour
    walked by with a dog.
  • Ollie:
  • Did you say hello?
  • Rosa:
  • Yes, I did. She explained that she had a
    new dog!
  • Ollie:
  • What kind was it?
  • Rosa:
  • It was a sweet little puppy – a white Scottish
    terrier with a tartan collar and lead. Its
    name’s Scottie. Look! Here’s a photo!
  • Ollie:
  • Ahhh. How cute!

Past tense practice

When we want to talk about actions which started and finished in the past, we use a past simple tense. Verbs can beregular or irregular.

We make negative sentences using didn't + base form
       I didn't write        He didn't play tennis

We make questions using did + subject + base form
       What did you write?      Did he play tennis?

We make positive sentences using the past simple/second form. The past simple form can be regular or irregular. We make the regular form using base form + ed
        play ----> played           enjoy ----> enjoyed

However, many verbs are irregular. They are often the most common verbs. The past simple form is very different from the base form go ----> went     write ----> wrote     do ----> did      have ----> had. You need to learn these irregular verbs.  

Choose  and practice

                                                                                                   Practice with a game                                                                         

Present Continuous/Present Simple/Past Simple.


Past Continuous
The past continuous is formed from the past tense of be with the -ing form of the verb:   We use the past continuous to talk about the past:
- See more at:

 A Game

Past Simple or Past Continuous  ?  Grammar  Quiz        


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