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Resultado de imagen de english wixOUR DAILY ROUTINES     Resultado de imagen de A Sailor Went to Sea Sea Sea Song Lyrics | Preschool Kids Songs | Nursery Rhymes with Lyrics

Topics :         Daily Routine                     
                           The Time

Simple Present
Adverbs of Frecuency :

Daily Routines :         

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 The Daily Routines Song                              Ruth's Daily Routine 
   Vídeo de The Daily Routines Song For Kids                       

Daily routine!!Resultado de imagen de Time and Daily Routine. Speaking English 1         

Frequency Adverbs Resultado de imagen de LEARN THE VOCABULARY RELATED TO DAILY ROUTINE : 1-Learn the vocabulary . 2- Match the words with the picture . 3- Match the pictures with the sounds . 4- Do the crossword !!           

   We use some adverbs to describe how frequently we do an activity.
  These are called adverbs of frequency .  

Resultado de imagen de How Often Do You...? | Adverbs of Frequency | Easy English Conversation Practice | ESL.                               
Resultado de imagen de How Often Do You...? | Adverbs of Frequency |slideshare          

            Resultado de imagen de what time do you usually get up


Daily Routine Activities :                     
Resultado de imagen de college chagall interactive book time and daily routine

                                          ADVERBS of FRECUENCY:
          free english exercises                                                                                                                                           
free english exercises

Telling the Time :
Resultado de imagen de the time


Grammar : Simple Present



PRESENT  SIMPLE EXERCISES                                     DO / DOES, DON´T / DOESN'T 

free english exercises                                      free english exercises

Present Simple - Negative and Interrogative



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