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John and Mary
To start off...
In this unit, John and Mary think about how to describe themselves and how to describe other people.
The unit is divided into four activities:
  • Activity 1: Who am I?: first, you are going to create a personal profile. In it you will describe yourself and then you will all play a guessing game.

  • Activity 2: Biographies : in this activity, you are going to write the biography of three very different people: an old woman, a middle-aged man and a little girl.

  • Activity 3: Famous people : you are going to learn about the lives of some historical figures such as Shakespeare and other current characters.

  • Final activity: finally, working in pairs, you are going to interview two famous people.
In this unit, you will go through different types of activities: you will have to work with your classmates or on your own, you will have to think, to go a step ahead if you want more information, to evaluate yourself, etc.

These are some of the skills you will be practising along this unit:
  • You are going to learn how to work in groups and how to present your ideas; specifically, you will learn to:
    • present concepts and ideas clearly;
    • analyse and evaluate other people's points of view;
    • develop attitudes that foster reflection and dialogue.
  • You are going to learn how to use your computer and the Internet to study:
    • by means of search engines and Public Service Official Websites with useful information;
    • you will learn to interpret informative texts and informative maps available online.
  • You are going to learn and use vocabulary related to people's appearance and personality:
    • using the correct expressions to describe yourself or other people;
    • you will be able to guess the description of a person by listening to it.

Activity 1: Who am I?

Parts of the Body

Visit the following links:

Then, visit the following link. Go directly to page 11. Again, you will revise the parts of the human body and learn vocabulary about emotions.

Personal profile

Create your own personal profile. The personal profile has to be anonymous because, later on, it will be given to a classmate who will have to guess who you are. So, instead of writing your name, choose a nickname for yourself (for example, "the pleasant one", "the funny one", "the talkative one"...).
The personal profile must contain the following elements:
  • your nickname,
  • an image, used as background of the card,
  • an avatar that represents you,
  • a short description of yourself.
Use the following Impress template: 
Look on the Internet for an image that you like or consider that represents your personality. Save the image in your computer and use it as a background for your presentation.

On the right hand side of the personal profile, you have to place the image of your avatar (an avatar is a graphical representation of a person or character). Design your own avatar using Voki.
Remember, you should describe yourself in the card, so the avatar should have your features. Then take a screenshot of your avatar with RECORTES and paste it onto your personal profile.
 Remember: save your avatar because you will use it later.

Help: Inserting images into OpenOffice. 

 Describe yourself briefly. For example: "I am quite tall and slim. I have short, wavy brown hair. I am a nice and friendly person, although I am very talkative in class...". Remember, through this description you should be giving clues about yourself. 

You will have a nice time creating your card! Once you have finished it, keep it in your pendrive and give it to your teacher. Send a copy of it via email to your teacher as well. 

Activity 2: Biographies

In this activity, you will work in pairs. Are you ready?
 Look at the photograph of the following characters: a five-year-old girl, a seventy-five-year-old woman and a thirty-five-year-old man.

Imagine you know who they are and write a life story for each of them, that is, a short biography.
Do it using the following template:
When writing their stories, use the first singular person, just as if you were telling your own story (I am an old woman, I am seventy-five years old...). In the story, you should talk about:
  • Your name, age, the place where you live...
  • Personal life aspects, such as: who you live with, whether you have any family (children, grandchildren, husband, wife, brothers and sisters), friends, what your hobbies are...
  • Professional life aspects, such as: where you work, what you want to be when you grow up, whether you go to school or work, your favourite subjects...
  • Whatever you want to tell...
Once you have finished the biographies, create a presentation using PowerPoint.
In your presentation, include a picture of each character and the life stories you have invented for them. You can download the pictures from the following links:
Share your presentation with your classmates and teacher. Look at your classmates' work. Which aspects do you think are the most common in the descriptions of the different characters? Which life story do you think was the funniest or the most original for each character?

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