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UNIT 1 5th Grade

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  • calculator

  • tablet

  • MP3 player

  • headphones

  • video games console

  • webcam

  • stopwatch

  • pen drive

  • satnav
  • charger


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We use some adverbs to describe how frequently we do an activity.These are called adverbs of frequency and include:
FrequencyAdverb of FrequencyExample Sentence
100%alwaysI always go to bed before 11pm.
90%usuallyI usually have cereal for breakfast.
80%normally / generallyI normally go to the gym.
70%often* / frequentlyI often surf the internet.
50%sometimesI sometimes forget my wife's birthday.
30%occasionallyI occasionally eat junk food.
10%seldomI seldom read the newspaper.
5%hardly ever / rarelyI hardly ever drink alcohol.
0%neverI never swim in the sea.
* Some people pronounce the 'T' in often but many others do not.

The Position of the Adverb in a Sentence

An adverb of frequency goes before a main verb (except with To Be).
Subject + adverb + main verb
always remember to do my homework.
He normally gets good marks in exams.

An adverb of frequency goes after the verb To Be.
Subject + to be + adverb
They are never pleased to see me.
She isn't usually bad tempered.

Adverbs of frequency


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   My daily routines

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1 What’s the capital of England? 
2 Who is on every English stamp? 
3 What colour are English post boxes? 
4 What is the name of the river in London? 
5 What’s the favourite food of England? 
6 What’s the most popular country for a holiday 

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