Sunday, September 27, 2015

UNIT1 6th Grade

Glitter Text Generator

Ver imagen en tamaño completoGlitter Text Generator

  • go to pop
  • do puzzles
  • collect things
  • play the drums
  • juggle
  • use the internet
  • make things
  • play chess
  • go fishing

  • practise a foreign language

Glitter Text Generator

    • Like is a verb. When there is another verb after like, we use the   form.                 e.g.    I like playing cards. I don't like writing  emails.
    • When a short verb ends consonant + vowel + consonant, we double the final consonant.             e.g.    run → running      stop → stopping

Exercises :


 Who I am thinking about ?

1 What’s the capital of Wales? 
2 What’s on the flag of Wales? 
3 Which languages do many people speak? 
4 Which famous writer is from Wales? 
5 Who is the patron saint of Wales? 
6 Which vegetable is the national symbol of Wales? 

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