Friday, May 13, 2016

6th Grade, UNIT 5

  • In this unit:

    • You name and talk about inventions.
    •You listen to and read a true story
       The discovery of vaccination.
    • You ask and answer questions about
       people’s lives in the past.

  • • You find out about
       English and UK culture.
    • You act out talking about what I did at
       school in a role play.
    • You read about the history of an invention,
       and write and present a project.

Discuss with a partner how old these inventions are.
 A: Who discovered electricity?                                                                                       
B:  Michael Faraday discovered it                            
A: When did he discovered it?                         
B: He discovered it in 1831                                  



Click on the English flag to know more about some interesting cities and places in England !            
                                          Minibook 1                             Minibook 2

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