Friday, May 20, 2016


  • In this unit:

    • name and talk about everyday
    • listen to and read a legend
       Robert the Bruce and the spider.
    • ask and answer questions about
       past events.

  • •  find out about
        Scottish and UK culture.
    •  act out telling a friend about something
        that happened, in a role play.
    •  read about life in a medieval castle and
        write a project.

  • I help at home.

  • I walk to school.

  • I visit my grandparents.

  • I watch TV.

  • I look after my pet.

  • I talk to my friends.

  • I use a computer.

  • I listen to music.

  • I work hard at school.

  • I share things with
    my friends.


            simple past tense

Choose  and practice


Click on the Scottish flag to know more about some interesting cities and places in Scotland !                     


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